Forget ‘investing’ £9,000 per year in university tuition fees, buy a few books and teach yourself from your own bedroom. So says a new report out from IT recruitment site

Bedroom coders are just as skilled as graduates suggests the report, meaning learning to code in your bedroom will be just as good preparation you looking to move into the IT job market as doing a three-year degree costing £27,000.

The survey polled current IT professionals on their thoughts on how to best prepare for the working world. More than half said they would not do an IT-related degree today if they had to pay the ever the increasing fees set to hit students next year.

In fact, nearly half suggested an IT degree lacked real value in terms of finding employment in the IT sector, Of the 1,300 IT professionals questioned, 45 per cent felt a degree in computing is no longer valuable for securing a career in IT.

Furthermore, a massive 71 per cent thought that self-taught developers are as skilled as those with formal training or education, suggesting the ability to do is far more marketable than any academic qualification.

Do you agree? What qualifications do you look for when recruiting new staff?