The iPad appears to be seducing the workforce to the extent that firms are putting security at risk.

Research by systems integrator Dimension Data discovered that despite the majority of IT chiefs recognising the security threat created by iPads, smartphones and laptops – over 50 per cent still allowed employees to use them for work. Alongside lack of encrypted data and anti-virus tools the chink in IT security is a big one.

Chris Jenkins, a security director at Dimension Data, said that sensitive corporate data could leak out unless staff are made to encrypt the data on their devices.

“You need to strike a balance between productivity and security,” said Jenkins. “If a member of staff wants access to corporate systems they should accept that IT will have to install encryption, anti-virus etc onto that device first.”

Such devices as the iPad bring huge benefits into the enterprise, but security has to be maintained. Legally, it is actually quite simple, as an associate at Taylor Wessing law firm pointed out.

“If an employee is using a device for work, both the business and the employee have legal obligations to protect confidential information and personal data. These obligations apply regardless of whether the employee or the business owns the device,”

Quite simply, security has to get on the move – and IT chiefs need to give it a push.