Strange question. A point that is often laughed about. But in truth can be a very serious thing. Believe me, I’ve seen it affect people and their families personally.

The Internet is such an all pervasive thing in so many people’s lives. Me particularly and after beginning to blog it seems to have gotten worse. A New York Times article called “Hooked on the Web” says some specialists believe 6 to 10% of Internet users have an unhealthy addiction to the Internet — and they are ready to offer addiction recovery services. Some are even calling it Internet Addiction Disorder or IAD. And, of course, blogging is listed as one of the addictive Internet activities in the article.

….Researchers who concur that the Internet is addictive have already established that the disorder develops into a dependency for the person; they experience tolerance and withdrawal affects (Ferris, par. 1). Similar to what an addict of any other substance goes through, and becomes just as isolated as them. Rejecting the real world and adopting the Internet as a route of escape to a mood altering experience (DeAngelis, 2000, par. 8). (excerpt from AIIPsyc Journal)

How many of use waste valuable time frequenting social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed. Waiting in anticipation for someone to mention our name or re-tweet my tweet.

Not to make the start of your new year a miserable occasion, here is a spoof video of a Social Media Addicts Association meeting. Can you relate to one or more of these characters portrayed. Let us know in the comments below.

Enjoy and have fun.