How often do you write and post articles to your blog? Are you pressurised into writing every day?

Good quality content is the key to a successful blog. Fresh updated content is the key to new and returning traffic. But the big question is how often should we blog and post articles.

So many of the big blogs and well known bloggers seem to have a blog post everyday. Having this as our standard can easily lead to the sense of pressure, and the need to write something every day.

Don’t write rubbish

Whilst I recommend that it is a good thing to write at least one article every day. I would much rather recommend that you don’t write rubbish. If you don’t have anything to say, then don’t say it at all. Trying to keep up to a daily schedule when you have nothing to write about can only be detrimental to your blog.

When we have nothing to say, it will be evident in the rubbish that we post. Myself included. According to Technorati, 55% of bloggers quit after three months. No doubt the pressure to write new content every day plays a big role.

Traffic is not determined by post frequency

Although I have seen in some instances that traffic drops when I do not post every day, I have also seen traffic drop when I do post everyday. So it is very difficult to conclude that not posting everyday is the cause for traffic drop.

Traffic is generated by participating in the community more than daily blogging. You can have a million posts but if you’re not actively involved in the community, it counts for very little. Especially if you are new and trying to break into a niche.

Why do you need to blog every day?

If you feel pressurised to blog every day, ask yourself the question, why do I need to blog every day. If I miss out a day or two, will it really be the end of the blogosphere. One of the main reasons to blog everyday is to build up a repository of content. If you are a new blogger and starting out, then blogging every day might be a good idea.

Make sure you are fully justified in blogging every day. Then be sure you have the ability to keep to the schedule. The most important thing to remember is be consistent. Don’t post erratically. If you feel the need to post twice a week, then be committed to that post twice a week. If you feel you can handle posting every day without pressure then commit to that schedule. If you miss out once or twice, don’t feel that you have let everybody down. Just remember we all need time off. Sometimes this time off can actually produce better content.

Find a partner or guest blogger

One way to meet the schedule of posting an article every day is to find help in doing so. This is one of the things I am actively pursuing. Getting other bloggers to partner with me and commit to writing one or two blog posts a month, or even one a week. This brings a new dimension and new character to your blog.

Your thoughts

So, what do you think? Do you feel pressurised into blogging every day? If you do blog every day, have you seen an increase in traffic and community involvement as a result. How often do you post? What is your view of a daily blog schedule?