I was recently reading some articles on the predictions for the growth of Augmented Reality – an industry that barely exists today that in just 4 years time will be worth just shy of $1bn dollars.

It will create opportunities for software developers to evolve and new ways for businesses to market their products. This is an example of an incredible technology that is going to take a foothold in the consumer space but will translate into business revenue and new ways of working.

But looking back to the start of the decade, it is hard to believe how far our technology usage has evolved as consumers compared to the relatively moderate pace that it has infiltrated our Work life. Most businesses are using, through choice, an operating system that is now nine years old, database systems that are 4 years old and voice technology which is essentially a century old.

Why is this? The vendors have delivered new products; however, the on premise/client/server delivery mechanism means that there is always significant cost and risk associated with adoption, quite often outweighing the tangible benefits of a technology change.

This will change, and that change is happening now. The big vendors are waking up to the pressure from new and agile competitors and are now engineering products to be delivered in a model that supports choice and allows for easy piloting and role out of new technology in a business.

The first few years of this decade will set the tone, and true business platforms delivered as a service will become the enabler for sweeping change in the way that all businesses operate. But looking shorter term, I would like to hear your opinions on which of these will have the biggest benefit to your business over the next 24 months?

  • Hosted voice and messaging platform
  • Hosted desktop as a service
  • On-demand delivery of business apps