While we have yet to see the death of business travel at the hands of technologies like video-conferencing and screen-sharing, staying connected on the move certainly has become increasingly important for business travellers.

Enabling all of these road warriors is a wide range of mobile computing devices. Market research firm IDC forecasts that worldwide shipments of smartphones will reach 226.8 million units in 2010, up 30.7 percent from 2009. Shipments are predicted to reach 439.4 million units worldwide in 2014.

Meanwhile, ABI Research estimates that annual sales of netbooks will reach 58 million by 2015, and forecasts the sale of about 8 million tablets in 2010 alone. Forrester has also forecast that, by 2012, a full 73% of the enterprise workforce across North America and Europe will be mobile.

So, whether you are a journalist travelling to South Africa to cover the World Cup, or a CEO flying across the world every other day, here are some tips to keep you connected on the move:

Remote Working: Software can allow you to access all your files and data from wherever you are, from any web browser – even on an iPhone or Android device. It can be an absolute life-saver if you suddenly realise that you have left some critical documents at home.

Lighten up: With the prevalence of tablets and smartphones now available, why not pack lighter and leave your bulky laptop at home? Combined with the remote working solutions mentioned above, these devices can now offer all the functionality of your full laptop at a fraction of the weight.

Keep your tech with you: Make sure you keep your devices (iPad or smartphone) with you if it is essential for your business trip. This is especially true on flights, even if you’re not going to be using it. Many an essential device has been annihilated by an over-zealous baggage handler.

Overcharging: If you’re traveling internationally, always call your network operator and double check your data plan supports international travel, so you do not receive a nasty surprise on your next phone bill. You can also try to negotiate for a better deal before you leave…