The rise of cloud computing has been transformational for many organisations over the last few years, but never has it seemed so vital as it has in the last twelve months. The Covid pandemic and the subsequent changes it has forced upon every area of our lives, has meant that cloud services have acted as a lifeline for many businesses. Cloud has afforded them valuable continuity, as well as a means of actively improving processes and operations. It’s no wonder that AWS Worldwide Channel and Alliances Head Doug Yeum predicts that The Cloud will continue to play a major part in 2021.

A “Forcing Function” To Migration And Modernisation

Speaking in a virtual event hosted by The Channel Co., Yeum explained that the Covid pandemic made organisations aware of the limitations of running their IT operations in-house and as such has acted as a “forcing function” in driving them to cloud-based services. Organisations were hampered by having staff unable to access their data centres in order to manage their servers and networks.

Lack of access is an issue that simply doesn’t register for companies who have already adopted cloud computing. It is just one of the considerations that has driven increased recognition of the benefits of The Cloud and led to the surge in migration. Indeed, Yeum predicts “We think migrations and modernisations by these large enterprises or even small companies are going to become a big trend in 2021.”

For those businesses which opt for cloud migration, the benefits are clear. Scalability, flexibility and agility are often cited as key advantages of cloud services, as well as being cost effective. Yeum explains that choosing to migrate to cloud computing can help businesses to grow and transform, thanks to new developments such as smart factories, automated processes and customer service processes enhanced by Artificial Intelligence. All this in addition to the facilitation of remote working, which has proved essential for many organisations since last year.

Opportunities For The Future

Yeum is emphatic that those companies working with AWS will see incredible opportunities for growth as a result. AWS plans to work closely with its partners in order to give them the very best capabilities that cloud technology can offer. AWS will be collaborating with a range of enterprises in its partner group Amazon Partner Network (APN), including systems integrators (SI), managed service providers (MSP), value added resellers (VAR) and independent software vendors (ISV). The result is expected to be better value for customers.

Indeed, as companies catch on to the value of cloud computing, AWS is seeing a rapid increase in those wishing to join its group of partners. Fifty new partners were being added daily by the end of 2020. Businesses who want to reap the benefits of the proposed collaboration therefore should move fast if they are yet to migrate.

Increased Diversity

While 2020 saw more partners added to the network than ever before, Yeum also identifies a new emerging trend for diversity: digital agencies. These weren’t previously seen as a typical partner company but are now keen to work with AWS thanks to their interest in cloud computing.

AWS is also extending its involvement with manufacturers and distributors of hardware, with the introduction of new hardware-based solutions such as AWS Monitron and some Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning products. Having a diverse range of partners is important, says Yeum, as it ensures that AWS can provide the tailored solutions these different enterprises need.

Listening to what the partners want is a key focus for AWS and the main way that it can be sure to deliver the solutions needed for better growth and market differentiation. As more companies embrace cloud migration, these voices will continue to shape the cloud computing developments that will transform businesses for years to come.