I’ve seen a few tweets this morning with people struggling to get back into work mode after the August holiday feel. Even where you work for yourself, it can be a funny time where there is more of a “wind down” feel than other times of year – mainly as it is when many people take their main holidays. I was prompted to this post to help you remember – you don’t have to do it all today!

Just as you planned into taking some time off, by working out what needed to be done, by when and what your priorities were, it is very sensible to give yourself that same permission when it comes back to getting back on track. Here are a few tips for you – feel free to share your own tips in the comments.

  • Prioritise your emails. Scan through them and delete what you can first – it is surprising what a difference it can make! (By the way, it is also a good idea to start decluttering by looking to unsubscribe from anything which isn’t adding value to you)
  • Feeling overwhelmed? Scan again and prioritise according to your own system – easy to deal with, potential work, needs time to respond – whatever works for you. Don’t forget you can schedule emails as tasks instead to act on them when you need to rather than right now
  • Remember what successes you had from the quieter period – it’s great to focus on what went well as well as thinking about all you need to get done
  • Be graceful with yourself – you’ve just had some rest and restoration – get back into work gradually if you can and if you’re feeling it is all too much. That is where those priorities can help
  • Celebrate the actions you have taken
  • Re-evaluate your actions to make sure they fit with your big goals for the year – maybe you can outsource some of the regular tasks or things which you don’t have a great skill set at (or like!)
  • Make sure you take a break. Getting outside is even more useful!
  • Remember that “back to school” feeling? Get it by reconnecting with people in your network or getting some new pens and notebooks – nothing says back to work like a new pen!
  • Remember that getting started is better than doing nothing – if you only got one thing done today – what would be most important?

As you get back to business, take care of yourself and be your best self online – and offline!