A slow loading web site is no good to man nor beast. At best, if there can be a best, it will lose you readers who get fed up waiting for the information to show up. At worst it can cost you money.

This week sees the launch of a free web loader analysis tool from Monitis, the company behind a Swiss Army Knife suite of analysis tools for web managers, which checks for testing a complete HTML page, including all objects such as images, Javascripts, CSS, Flash, RSS feeds, frames, and iframes and then reports back with easy-to-read bar graphs on the load time of each object.

A press release from Montis states: “We have a single vision in mind for our new and free instant, web page load-testing service, and that is to help Sysadmins, Webmasters and developers save time by quickly finding out about issues or problems on their sites and then fixing them immediately,” said Monitis Founder and CEO Hovhannes Avoyan. “In the end, saving time allows Sysadmins to better manage their online businesses and raise customer service levels.”

The testing service mimics the way a web page is loaded in a real web browser. Users need only enter a URL of a page to test the load time of all elements on that page. The test will help to find page or server problems and load-related bottlenecks. Test results enable IT pros to quickly identify and fix issues such as slow load time or failure to load of some images or CSS files from web servers. Importantly, Monitis can check the page load speed simultaneously from multiple testing locations across the U.S., Europe and Asia, giving Sysadmins a complete report of real user experiences in different markets.

“Our new web page tester performs a one-time check without any need to register or sign up as a customer, although Webmasters and Sysadmins who want to perform server tests regularly throughout the day, say every 15 minutes or so, and get alerts in case of failures, can sign up for Monitis, our premium service,” said Avoyan. “This easy-to-use instant tool broadens our menu of instant-check tools, such as instant remote ping and instant http check. What they all have in common is that they make life much easier for IT pros, saving them time.”