BusinessBenefits Of OTT Apps: What A Business Should Know  

Benefits Of OTT Apps: What A Business Should Know  

If you are at least a bit involved in the video streaming industry, you have probably heard of OTT (over-the-top) applications. You are likely aware of their impact on the industry and fast demand growth among viewers. 

If you want to learn more about OTT apps, you have opened the right article. Here we will give a closer look at them and their benefits for a video streaming business. 

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More About OTT Apps

An OTT app is used to deliver video content to viewers’ devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and Smart TVs. They transfer media via the Internet, which makes the delivery faster and more qualitative than traditional distribution channels like cable or satellite. 

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Traditional television is unavailable on smartphones and tablets. You need to invest in buying additional devices to watch it.

Over-the-top applications are mediums between you, a content creator, and your viewers. They allow people to stream your video content on a device they prefer. Whether it is a video of a fitness instructor, another part of a series, or a video on biology, a viewer can watch it wherever they want. 

OTT applications are popular for two reasons:

  1. They are convenient for viewers to use.
  2. VOD service businesses benefit from them.

These reasons are complementary. Consumers expect freedom. They want to watch videos however they want. It means that they are to define when, how, where, and on what device to view content. 

Consequently, it means that businesses have to offer these OTT apps to provide a better user experience. 

Since video streaming services have come into viewers’ lives, people are used to the fact that they are watching what they want and where they want. They don’t need to pay for new devices as individuals can use those they have. 

If a business doesn’t have OTT apps, it will probably lose a lot of revenue and viewers. People will just look for another video streaming service offering applications for different devices. They will probably switch to your competitors as there are many video streaming services in the market.

Other Benefits Of OTT Applications

#1 OTT Apps Increase Content Consumption

When your content is available on many platforms and devices, people tend to consume more of it because the content is always in their pockets. They need to take a smartphone or a tablet, enter the service, choose a video to view, and enjoy.

If you offer OTT apps to viewers, you let them choose what device to use to watch content. They are able to consume on the go through mobile devices anywhere they are. They can enjoy their favorite videos while sitting in a cafe or waiting in line. 

When you give them this opportunity, you keep them in your service longer. As a result, people consume more content because they can access it anywhere.

#2 OTT Apps Grow User Base

OTT applications open new opportunities for your video streaming business. You can reach new audiences.

Not all people use mobile devices. Some prefer watching videos on Smart TVs, enjoying a big screen, high-quality pictures, and an immersive sound. If you don’t have an application for a Smart TV, you lose these people. 

Furthermore, some people use only smartphones in their daily lives. Once again, if you don’t have an application for smartphones, you don’t reach these viewers. 

Companies of any size are creating streaming apps, and you should too. 

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#3 OTT Apps Send Push Notifications

Notifications allow a business to stay in touch with its viewers. It is a fast and effective way to communicate with them. 

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You can send them reminders, offers, and breaking news. They can help you trigger impulse purchases. Moreover, you can provide a purchase with a single tap with notifications. 

Push notifications can help you turn passive users into active ones. In this case, you will increase the retention rate of your video streaming service. 

You can create a sense of urgency with the help of push notifications by announcing temporary discounts or offers.

Final Thoughts

OTT applications are an essential part of any video streaming business. They help you be closer to viewers and build stronger relationships with them. Moreover, you can reduce churn and increase the number of consumers on your platform. Consequently, you will generate more revenue. 

We recommend you launch your own OTT application to boost your video streaming business. 


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