Nearly every organisation needs to share highly sensitive documents over the Internet. The healthcare industry, for example, has numerous highly sensitive documents that must meet compliance rules and regulations prior to submission.

Other highly sensitive documents include Human Resources personal documents, accounting spreadsheets, C-level documents, credit card information and marketing information. These documents are protected by layers of encryption, auditing, access control and authentication. Several companies provide solutions for protecting and sharing sensitive information.

HIPAA and SOX are two organisations that require documents to be secured and transmitted according to certain regulations. These organisations may even audit companies to ensure that documents are transmitted according to the rules and regulations.

Most highly sensitive company data is transmitted on a network protected by a firewall. Solutions for sharing documents outside of the enterprise should also be addressed by customers. There are many companies that offer businesses solutions for managing highly sensitive documents according to government regulations while mitigating risks.

Document management solutions allow multiple people within an organization to collaborate on sensitive documents regardless of location. Authorised, but limited, access may also be provided to people outside the organisation. Leaks of a highly sensitive document may pose a real business risk for the organisation.

In the healthcare industry, leaks of patient data may result in lawsuits. In technology, patent leaks could lead to a loss of millions or billions in revenue. Secure transmission of data is essential for the success of any organisation.

How Do Some Document Management Systems Work?

Most companies that provide solutions for managing highly sensitive documents online are Software-as-a-Service based. The service can be accessed from any computer anywhere with a simple login and password. The data will be shared over a secured network. The shared service may be set up within minutes.

Several documents may be stored on the network securely until they are ready for use. Depending upon the way the service is configured, the service may be set to allow only authorized individuals to view, edit, distribute or print the documents on the network. With these systems, the original content owner remains in control of highly sensitive documents at all times.

An encrypted document is even shielded from IT operators. Some document management services will even ensure that no one steals information by photographing the screen. An embedded dynamic watermark will appear if this happens. The audit trail is essential in ensuring that the process remains in compliance with all industry regulations.

Most document management systems are easy to use. Most companies can train their employees in a few short minutes. Some processes may require in depth reading but most people do not require more than one day to master the system. This is the beauty of cloud-based programs. They are so intuitive that they require very little instruction and thus, they are highly scalable. As the organisation grows, the document management system expands only as needed.

Precautions to Manage Highly Sensitive Documents

To ensure a document is transmitted according to a company’s “Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)” program, a set of best practices should be established. The company should outline their own compliance strategy and ensure that the organisation participates in meeting the goals discussed in the document.

Companies should assign a rank to every business process. Within the business process the documents and their risk levels should be assessed. Every type of document should be accompanied by a pre-determined set of policies for the people that use them. Automate your processes to make sharing highly sensitive documents more efficient.

In a secure environment, the documents are protected by, at least 256-bit AES encryption. Some systems also have a two factor access control and highly secure permissions systems. Traceable auditing tools and logging tools also help to keep legal departments, financial departments, hospitals and other offices safe from hackers.


Managing and sharing highly sensitive documents is not an easy task. With new SaaS services, sharing documents gets easier. Consider a document management system to securely store, share and manipulate highly sensitive documents.