Hohosearch.com prevents access to reputable websites. In particular, it is known to block major search engines like Google, Bing, etc. The search attack is powered by the corresponding browser hijacker. The latter is a computer application. Like any other, it installs into computer system. As the program runs, it scans the computer system to detect installed web browsers. Their settings undergo modification to enable Hohosearch.com redirects.

It is hard to explore the web with the infection affecting your web-navigation. Most users are well aware of the impacts. They try to remove Hohosearch.com redirect at the earliest opportunity.

Their decision derives high praise. It also requires implementation. The hijacker does not give in easily. It is not that one cannot get rid of Hohosearch without super-skills, sticking to an elaborate Hohosearch.com routine can help in 99% of cases.

First and foremost, the infection is a piece of adware. Milder classifications apply. Some antivirus vendors define it as but a potential risk. Let us assume it is an actual one. Strictly speaking, it is not a virus. It does not become a part of another program by modifying its code. The program is a stand-alone application. It spawns and runs its own processes.

These circumstances are very important when it comes to the adware uninstalling. Many believe the infection cannot be cleaned without removing compromised browser. As a matter of fact, uninstalling any browser cannot remove Hohosearch hijacker. Since the redirect is caused by an individual program, it is the said application that shall be cleaned first. Browser fix or reinstalling is to follow later.

The Hohosearch.com malware is meant to generate web-traffic. The traffic is a valuable, highly marketable commodity.  The redirecting to Hohosearch may sound meaningless at a first glance. The adware may just set its page prior to you reaching your desired search engine.

In that relation, it is good to bear in mind the hijacker that runs the redirect. It may easily change the presets so that next time victims land at annoying or malicious page instead of Google. The removal of Hohosearch hijacker requires completing appropriate extermination steps. Relevant best practice tips and suggestions follow: http://soft2secure.com/knowledgebase/hohosearch.