Are you running your own business? Consider these questions and if not ask them of your client.

  • What are your brand colours?
  • How did you choose them?
  • What do you think the colour alone says about you as a brand?
  • What do the colours of your competitors say about them?

It’s an interesting concept and one many rarely visit but since much of the web is all about initial impact, even before a visitor reads your content or even digests your logo or other images, they are already processsion the colours your website is in, making assumptions and making judgments.

The chances are if you are honest, the colours of your website or your client’s brand just came about by chance, certainly not with too much in-depth consideration. Maybe they were chosen because they looked good together, but even so it pays to properly look at even why they work so well together.

Colour is essential in not only controlling emotions but also physical reactions too, as the psychological impact on viewing a colour can lead and prompt certain other actions, all subconsciously. There is a whole movedment about the psychology of colour and one worth looking at. Trawling the web I found this helpful introduction into from Barbara Holbrook with some links for further reading too. Well worth a read.

While a fiery red may initially come to mind though, be careful to avoid garish. Use of colour can be minimal. Highlights of colour accentuating even a white area will have far more impact than a solid block of a garish colour. It is all about balance and also something that possibly won’t be decided immediately, so it may take a few attempts and revisions. Colour can work, but over-use of it can also kill your brand.

In summary, colour plays a big role in our lives and can guide reactions, so by picking the right colour combination for your websites based on the image you wish to present and the actions you are looking to make viewers take, you can tap into that subconscious decision-making that we all use on a daily basis.