Why do you blog? Why do you care? This might sound like a very stupid question, but what is your intention when you blog? Your blog should have a purpose, it should have a goal. Your job as a blogger should be to meet those goals.

Intend to reach your audience

If you are not writing to reach your audience, what are your writing for. Your readers are the one’s who matter here. Without them your blog is just a cyber squatter. Intend to target your audience and influence them one way or the other.

Intend to impart knowledge

If you have no knowledge to give, then don’t give nothing. So many blogs are just a scramble of words and have no actual meaning nor anything of value. Make sure you impart some piece of knowledge. Your blog needs to add value.

Intend to dominate your niche

Become a guru in your niche. Become that person or blog where every one turns to when they need answers. This takes time and hard work. But if you do not intend to be the best that you can, then I don’t want to read your blog. I don’t want substandard efforts to waste my precious time.

Intend to write with clarity

Your blog post must be clear in its meaning and in purpose. People don’t have time to read all the wishy washy waffle that is posted out there so many times. Get to the point. Be clear, and concise and organized about specifics and how these new facts will benefit your reader base?

Intend to have compassion

If you do not have compassion for your chosen topic, or if you don’t have compassion about blogging, then don’t blog at all. I look for bloggers who believe in what they do. Bloggers who live, eat and sleep their topic. If you are not compassionate about your blog, who else would be?

Intend to meet your goals

Do you have goals for your blog? Do you actually intend to meet those goals or are they just pie in the sky. Create achievable goals and then go flat out to reach them. A blog that has no direction will not direct their readers.

Intend on having fun

Yes sometimes blogging is serious. But even in the serious moments you can have fun. I mean that you need to enjoy what you are doing. That will come through in your writing. Don’t make blogging a burden.

Intend on accomplishing something on each post

What is the purpose of each post. Are you writing just to fill space, or are you trying to accomplish something with every post you write. Each post must have a purpose and goal. It must have meaning. If each post is not written in order to accomplish something, no matter how small, then rethink why you blog.

Intend to be interactive

Interact with your audience. Answer their questions. Reply to their comments. Interact with them. This is a social medium. Don’t sit back and be quiet. Show your readers that you value their input.

Talking about input. What do you think? What is your intent for your blog? Let me know in the comments below.