So you started a new blog, and now you want to start blogging for money?

That’s great!…BUT…

One thing I see bloggers do, and maybe do without realizing it is “Stealing Their Own Sales”.

I know your thinking, “John, I would NEVER steal my own sale that’s silly”  and normally this is true, but what if your stealing your own sales and not even realize  your doing it?

Affiliate Products vs AdSense

Many bloggers who are blogging for money choose affiliate products to sell on their site, I do this too and it’s a great way to make money.

So is Google adsense, simple quick way to make money on a blog without much effort.

Ok John I don’t see the issue.. Well my friend here is the issue. Have you really looked at what google ads are being displayed on your blog?

Chances are they are the same or at the least in the SAME niche as your blog and of your affiliate products you sell.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather make a 20, 30 or even 50% commission on a affiliate sale then a 20, 30 cents on a Google ad click.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Adsense is a great way to make money on your blog, you just need to keep your eye on what ads are being displayed.

I stopped running Adsense on my blog, instead I run Chitika Ads

The cool thing about Chitika is the ads only show on your blog when that visitor comes from Google search, and the ad will show products that target their search.

Example: search for dog collars, when they get to your blog, the ad will show them ONLY dog collar products.

This way your regular readers won’t see the ad…Very Cool!

Selling Ad Space vs Affiliate Products

Now this is pretty much the same as affiliate products vs adsense, but the main difference is selling ad space can make you a nice monthly income.  So it’s hard to say no to selling ads on your blog.

With this again you just need to watch for what products or services you are showing ads for and what your affiliate products are.

You don’t want to lose aff sales to your banner ads and you don’t want to lose banner ad sales to your affiliate products because then your ads will not renew month after month if they don’t see results.

How to fix this you ask? Simple, run different affiliate products that don’t directly compete with your banner ads. This isn’t hard since there are 100’s of affiliate products and services in every niche to promote.

Your OWN Products vs Affiliate Products and Ad Space

Ok, this is the BIG NO NO!

Once you have your own product or service to sell then I recommend you stop selling ad space and fill it with your own product ads.

Yes selling ad space is a nice way to make a monthly, but in the long run, selling your OWN product and filling your ad space with your OWN ads will make you a lot more money in the long run.

It will also brand you a leader in your niche, give you credibility, and over make you and your blog a place people will gravitate to.

If your serious about blogging for money, then YOU want this!

This applies to affiliate products too. The way to do this when you have a product to sell of your own, it’s ok to also promote other affiliate products just make sure they are NOT in competition with your product.

I would much rather make 100% of a product sale then a 20% commission, Wouldn’t You?

Example: If you sell your own SEO book, then you obviously do not want to have a affiliate product anywhere on your site that will compete with your own product.

Well there are 3 ways to stop stealing your own sales and be more successful at blogging for money.