What is a relationship? I suppose we could all answer that question in our own unique way. But most importantly a relationship is a two way street. It is give and take. A relationship does not concentrate or revolve around one particular party in that relationship.

What is a relationship?

A relationship is a relation between people, a state of connectedness. A relationship is often an emotional connection. A relationship also involves the mutual dealings between people or parties. Relationships may be between people with personal connections or those with connections based on print, media or correspondence. People absorb more knowledge when the bond is with someone they know and respect. You want a better blog? you want your readers to respect you? Build that relationship.

Working on a relationship

Building a relationship is not easy. In fact it is not only hard work but a long arduous process. Don’t expect to get immediate results. Building a blogging community is no different. It’s a work in progress. Here are a few tips on things that you can work on.

  • Add Value – What separates you from the rest of the blogging world. It’s the value you bring to your readers.
  • Be confident – Stand tall on what you believe. Talk about what you know and use the skills you have. Don’t try and fool your readers with stuff you know little about. Show that you have faith in yourself, your abilities, and your work. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, why would anyone else?
  • Don’t waste time – Don’t try prolonging every blog post and every comment. Get to the point; be brief, be clear, and be passionate. Once you’ve made your point, leave it there.
  • Target your audience – Target those readers who want and need to hear what you have to say. Seek out and find the people who most need to know about what you do

Characters of a good relationship

Many people would argue that one cannot build a relationship over the internet. But relationships have so many diverse and complicated aspects that one can easily apply some of those to the readers of your blog and yourself.

  • Respect – If you want readers to respect you, you need to respect them first. Listen to what they have to say. Don’t be quick to judge their comments. Be understanding and value their opinions. Respect their right to their own feeling and opinions.
  • Honesty – Be honest in everything you say. Don’t be tempted to publish something just because it’s sensational but not true. Be responsible for what you write.
  • Support – This is not your readers supporting you but you supporting your readers. Read their blogs, comment on their posts. Tweet and re-tweet their tweets. Offer advice and help as often as you can. As a once famous president said; “Ask not what your readers can do for your blog, but what you can do for your readers”.
  • Listen – Too often we talk too much about ourselves and don’t hear what other people are saying. Learn to listen and talk less. Listen to your readers, or at least read what they have to say with some form of conviction and attention. “God gave us one tongue and two ears. To talk less and listen twice as much as we speak.”


Blogging is about the community. Without your readers your blog is just cybersquatting. Learn to treat them right. Build up that community. What are you doing to build up your blogging community? Why not share some things?