What is blogging all about? So many people have been duped into believing that blogging is a get rich quick scheme. That you can make a lot of money from blogging.

How many bloggers actually make money

Yes you can make a lot of money online. While that might be true in theory, in practice it is very different. Round about 80% of bloggers don’t make any money blogging or perhaps do not make anything significant. Round about 8% make enough to sustain their blogs, but not enough to live on.

Most bloggers that make a significant amount of money with their blogs, probably make most of their money through indirect means. That is affiliate marketing, selling products on their blog, memberships, teaching, tutorials, and speaking engagements.

Then there is advertising. But in my experience you need a whole whack of traffic to make advertising worth while. Especially if it is an add network like adsense.

There are more blogs and articles about how to make money online than any other blog topic. By now the web is saturated with making money online blog posts, articles and tips. Many bloggers have to find alternative, new and adventurous means of making money.

There is so much pressure on bloggers who want to make money online that they become so consumed with making money and miss the joys of blogging

The joy of writing

If you are not in the 2% of bloggers that actually make any significant money online then why do you blog? For me there are a few things that really satisfy me about blogging. One of them is the joy of writing. The sense that I have the ability to tell a story. Then the joy of someone actually reading that story.

I have so many things going on in my head, that if I don’t tell others I will explode. The avenue of blogging allows me to reveal my ideas, thoughts, tips, knowledge and experience to others. The thrill that someone is actully reading my blog and benefiting from it in some way is great.

The joy of helping

Do you know the feeling when you have done something to help another human being. When they turn around with honest gratitude and thank you from the bottom of their heart. Well that’s how I feel on a daily basis when readers comment on my blog and are grateful and thankful that I have in some way helped them. I might have encouraged them, I might have solved a problem. But what ever it was, I was able to help. That is the joy I get out of blogging.

Is your blog like that? Do you help others, do you meet a need, do you encourage your readers? If not, what is your blog all about? Are you just consumed about money that you have forgotten the human side of blogging.

The joy of the community

Through my blog I have made a wealth of online friends. Good, faithful, honest friends, money can’t buy. No matter how much you got. Through my blog, social media, I have made a few very good online friends that really mean a lot to me. They help me out when I am having a rough time in what ever way they can. Most of the time it is taking the burden of posting to my blog, and managing comments and such.

But the point is that blogging is to me about the community that I have build up. About the readers, about the people. I take every comment to heart, try to reply as often as I can. The community, the readers are probably the most important aspect of your blog. With out them, your blog is just a squatter in cyberspace. Are you building up your community?


So for me, and I hope for you as well, blogging is not just about money. If you and I can make money while blogging, then that’s an added bonus. But you can’t believe the relieved pressure and stress when I decided that I was not going to focus on making money but rather on these other things.

How about you? What is blogging about for you? What do you get out of blogging? Please share your thoughts and experiences.