A carefully planned blog, and well written articles can boost your career or even land you that perfect job. Take you knowledge and experience and put it into writing. Who knows what doors might open?

There are probably over 150 million blogs out there. Do you really need to have “Blogger” on your resume? No one has to have a blog. It is not a prerequisite. But used correctly it can bring out the best in you. Used incorrectly it can mean disaster.

Blogs, weblogs, are used to share ideas and opinions. They can be used to impart knowledge and experience with the world. Sometimes it is very difficult to share everything you know through a one hour interview. The true you and your unique personality does not come through.

If you have something to share that’s related to your profession or passion, and have time to commit to posting frequent entries, blogging can be a great tool. It can be purposeful, helpful and insightful if done in a well thought out professional and intelligent way. Just writing ramblings and a mush of words will actually show your ignorance and lack of knowledge.

Show off your expertise

How do you show off what you are made of in a once-off one hour interview? How do you convince people that you are the right person for the job? This often time proves very difficult during the interview process.

Blogging, when done correctly, helps you to build a network around you. People that can play a huge influence in your personal life as well as your career. Showing off your expertise will get you noticed. You will soon be thought of as the guru to turn to. Then when you need recommendations, you will find that your loyal readership will come to the party. Over a period of time you can write about your chosen industry and niche. Show off your experience and knowledge. This is by far a much better representation of you than a few notes in a resume.

Build your career authority

As your expertise builds, so does your authority. Authority is different from expertise. Expertise is knowledge of a subject. Authority is when people come to you to enquire about that knowledge. This shows off not only your authority but your credibility as well. Authority builds through your blog as you interact with others on-line, develop articles showing leadership on your subject and chosen niche.

Authority shows when others link to your articles. This is a vote of confidence, a show of respect. These links say that people believe that you are a credible guru on the topic, worth sharing. This authority draws clients, customers and work that interests you most – in areas where you do your best work. It may prove to potential employers that you are the perfect person for the job. Someone that they cannot do without.

Market yourself

What a perfect tool to build up your personal brand. Market yourself through your blog. Show off your very best. So many people have opportunity to view who and what you are. Be sure it is your very best.

When you build expertise, authority and promote your personal brand through the writing on your site, your marketing effort becomes simpler. As you write about your chosen subject you will naturally attract like mined people. Becoming an authority on a subject, even a narrow one, will bring like-minded people to your site. This is so much better than a few pages in a resume or a one hour interview.

Beware of the pitfalls

Just like anything, this whole blogging business can go horribly wrong. All it needs is one article that takes the wrong stand, criticises or breaks down a particular person or company and your thoughts of a happy career go down the river.

Be careful and mindful of what you write. But still be yourself. Here tact is a great skill to learn. If you are going to take a stand and be critical, make sure that it is constructive. Be positive and build up. If I am looking for a job at Microsoft, I don’t want to be found breaking the company down in my writings. But rather be seen to be offering suggestions instead.

Be careful of what you put online. Don’t post inappropriate content that has nothing to do with your business or career. Keep in mind that just about anything that is online can be read by someone – or everyone. If you don’t want the world to read what you’ve posted, make sure they can’t. Don’t put it online or post it anonymously.


Use blogging as an extension to your resume or business card. Be careful of the pitfalls. Be tactful. Use it to brand yourself. To show off the best in you. Use it to create a network around you to bolster your credibility and authority.