A new malicious code, Banbra.GYI, uses a video of rising Brazilian soccer star Neymar to trick users.

The video claims to contain erotic images of the soccer player with his ex-girlfriend. However, the truth is there is no such video and users who click the link will actually download a new variant of the well-known Banbra family of Trojans, which has been active since 2003.

Once run, the Trojan infects the computer and delivers its payload. More specifically, the Trojan is designed to steal passwords for online banking services from financial institutions such as American Express or Santander.

Upon visiting one of the compromised websites, Banbra.GYI takes the user to a fraudulent Web page where they are asked to enter their login details in order to steal them.

You should always be suspicious of any messages with eye-catching subjects such as this, as they normally contain malicious links.

These Trojans usually spread through email as well as social media sites using links that claim to take users to a YouTube video but actually download a Trojan onto their PCs.

The best way to protect your computer against these threats is to avoid clicking on links from unfamiliar sources or unexpected messages with unusually eye-catching subjects.