Bitcoin gets most of the attention when it comes to the world of cryptocurrency. It was the first major player in the world of cryptocurrency, and it hasn’t gone anywhere, remaining in the public consciousness before really surging in value in the past year or two. It still leads the way in terms of market capitalisation among the various forms of digital coins. But there are many competitors in the cryptocurrency field for Bitcoin, and while none have yet been able to ascend to the level of the market leader, they are making inroads almost every day.

If you are going to get involved with cryptocurrency, either on an individual level or as a driver for your own business, you should know what all these different coins are about. You should also try to find a digital mining company, such as Atriark, that deals in a wide variety of these coins so that you can discover the ones that fit your needs the best.

Atriark CEO Derrick Ailing explains that you should know more than Bitcoin when getting involved with crypto. “Bitcoin is the one that draws the most attention,” Alling says. “But there are other coins which do a lot of the same things without costing the premium attached to the Bitcoin name.” Here is a look at three of the top players in the market that, while not yet in the same rarefied air as Bitcoin, still hold a lot of benefits for both adopters of cryptocurrency and those who view it as an investment.

1. Dash

People who want a voice in how the cryptocurrency realm grows in addition to make money are attracted to Dash. The level of involvement in these digital coins also dictates the amount of influence a user might have. People who use Dash can utilise the coins as a means of funding projects of various stripes, all while gaining the possible rise of value in the coins as an investment vehicle. Consider Dash to be the coin of choice for those who are fired up about the future of cryptocurrency and want to see it progress in the proper direction.

2. Zcash

One of the most important things that people who get involved in cryptocurrency wish to see is a great level of privacy. Yet they also desire for transactions to be kept open and viewable to the public so that there isn’t anything fraudulent going on. While these two aspects would seem to be at odds with one another, Zcash finds a way to manage them both. All transactions with Zcash can be seen on the blockchain, but the participants need not reveal any personal information.

3. Litecoin

Maybe the closest in nature to Bitcoin of these three alternatives, Litecoin has to room for growth that excites many of its adopters. Bitcoin is getting harder and harder to procure because of its popularity, but Litecoin is much more available to the average investor. It also boasts the ability to conduct transactions between parties in a much quicker time than even Bitcoin can, so the convenience factor is huge.

Expect even more competitors to come out of the woodwork as challengers to Bitcoin. But don’t expect the market’s major player to give up the throne without a fight.