One of the most exciting social innovations to come along for a while is iSites, a just-launched service that lets you create a self-branded iPhone or Android application in a couple of minutes for about £15.

With iSites,  a website’s RSS feed and data are quickly transformed into a full-fledged smartphone app.  The process is very straightforward so just about anybody can do it.

For companies, a good place to start would be with a blog or other RSS feed.  Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Posterous, Tumblr and other social feeds can also be converted for the iSites app.

A company iSite app can be designed to reflect the brand; the header image, colors and menu are all customisable. Once everything is set to go,  the application is published to iPhone and Android app stores with the click of a button. Added value features include the capacity to monetise the iSites application.