BuzzDoes, an app marketing tool developer, has unveiled its flagship viral app marketing product at AppsWorld Europe. Designed to help app developers get users’ attention, buzzdoes is a reward-based viral distribution add-on that encourages people to recommend apps to others, turning users into apps distributors.

Assaf Kolirin, BuzzDoes founder and CEO, comments, “With more than 1,000,000 mobile applications currently available and over 60,000 new ones developed every month, the apps market is overcrowded and constantly growing.

“Existing apps marketing methods are either expensive or inefficient, and developers need powerful and cost effective ways to distribute their apps. BuzzDoes allows them to penetrate the app market and increase exposure through word-of mouth marketing, the most effective and reliable way to promote buying decisions.”

Using the BuzzDoes add-on, users can introduce the applications to many new potential customers and are rewarded for every download that occurs as a result of their recommendation. This way, BuzzDoes guarantees developers profitable market penetration and promotion through a risk-free, pay-per-success financial model.

BuzzDoes integration for app developers requires only a simple drag and drop operation and a 2-minute assimilation. User operation is made easy through a single click on the BuzzDoes button, automated contact suggestion and transparent application distribution.

Assaf Kolirin, continues: “I know the marketing challenges facing developers from my personal experience as an app developer in the past. I have learned how competitive it is and have therefore created an efficient solution for app exposure and distribution.

“Word-of-mouth viral marketing which has proved to be successful in other tools like gmail or million dollar homepage, should be equally successful when applied to app marketing. I believe it brings a unique and cost-effective way for app developers to gain more users”.

As a launch promotion at AppsWorld, the first 100 registrations at the BuzzDoes stand will get a $100 credit on their BuzzDoes account.