Redshift Research findings highlight the consumerisation of IT and the increasing use of personal mobile devices in the workplace, but also underline worrying disparities and disconnect between ground level employees and the lofty C-level decision makers.

According to the report, much of this prediction is already coming to fruition: Over half the survey audience believed workers were actually using their own devices without permission already, yet in the same research paper it was also revealed that 48 percent of the 1,500 IT managers in Europe and North America surveyed said their businesses would never authorise the use of employees’ own devices.

Another telling stat to come from the research was that 51 percent of those interviewed said that the number of workers bringing their own devices to work was definitely increasing.

One of the primary plus points for emancipating personal devices within the corporate framework, is that it will allow application availability at anytime, from anywhere, and will help business slash procurement costs.

The smartphone/tablet phenomenon fuelling this trend, will drive uptake of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), wireless networking and end-point security solutions in the corporate arena – all strategically astute moves and key to future business productivity.

Although 44 percent of IT managers said that handling issues around staff bringing their own devices was wasting time and reducing the time spent on other IT projects, I believe that with the appropriate IT network management, and thorough initiatives to raise internal awareness within enterprises, the proliferation of personal devices can, and will be a success for both employees and the companies they represent.