Oracle GoldenGate has become the ‘golden fleece’ that Cbeyond sought to solve the problem of increasing demand for real-time data.

Cbeyond’s call centre operations and customer service portal CbeyondOnline had been screaming out for real time data support – and with its Siebel CRM call centre application under pressure, a real time data integration solution was needed urgently.

With Oracle GoldenGate the real-time reporting is passed on to an operational data store (ODS), whilst the Siebel CRM application improves across the board – better availability, reliability and performance – and, of course, customers have the real-time data they need.

Minaz Vastani, VP of IT at Cbeyond said. “As a service provider, it’s critical that we have real-time visibility into our customer service operations to make sure we meet our customers’ diverse IT and communication needs effectively and efficiently.”

Cbeyond is also able to utilize real-time call centre data with the power of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition on the ODS – call centre operations are managed more efficiently and customer requests are resolved. With real-time fully supported the time to generate a report on customer service tickets has been cut by two weeks. And, Cbeyond can now spot trends, improve their representative productivity and solve problems faster.

Cbeyond are certainly happy with their choice. “Oracle GoldenGate has provided us with access to extremely valuable real-time data that has led to better, faster service for our customers, while maximizing the performance and reliability of our mission-critical Siebel CRM system.”