UK CIOs see security and compliance as major hurdles to cloud implementation, according to a report from ControlCircle, a UK-based managed services provider.

Asked about concerns when it comes to outsourcing infrastructure to the cloud, 39% CIOs and heads of IT registered are concerned about security and compliance, followed by 27% fearing loss of control over their data and applications. Issues of data location and governance followed (17%), in ControlCircle’s survey of over 100 IT decision makers.

When asked about cloud budgets, 40% estimated that up to 10% of IT budget would be invested on cloud technologies over the next twelve months. The survey revealed that no organisation estimated spending over 20% over the forthcoming year.

Recent feedback from seminars, as well as the Cloud in Control survey conducted this month, affirm that CIOs believed their role had changed significantly since the advent of cloud technologies. 100% felt their role had changed for the better, with cloud providing more flexibility.

“With the advent of cloud, CIOs are now reporting that their job is more about managing change within the business and keeping flexible, rather the management of IT,” said Carmen Carey, CEO at ControlCircle.

Only 20% of organisations reported having a full view of their IT infrastructure when it came to outsourcing to partners. 60% said they had no single view of the infrastructure via their managed service partner.

“To truly benefit from cloud technologies, partner organisations need to recognise that this is unproven technology, and CIOs need complete visibility of their solution, to be able to optimise the flexibility that cloud provides,” added Carmen Carey.