If you have sat in a sales meeting trying to close a deal – forgetting the number of setup meetings – it’s likely that a question or requirement came up during the meeting that required some form of sales support. In all likelihood, a specialist or technician was needed to be called in during the meeting and answer questions, and if the right skill set wasn’t available for the meeting it was postponed and the possibility of losing the deal increased.

Sales support options exist to assist a sales team during a sales call. Typically, sales teams brought a technician to the sales call to ensure questions could be addressed with the client in the room. So having the right sales support team resulted in a higher number of sales getting closed.

However, the cost of bringing technicians on-site including the increased travel costs and downtime from other support opportunities all impact the bottom-line and erode profits. An evolving option to enhance sales teams is online sales support. This refers to the flexibility of screen sharing software solutions that can be accessed via the web at the client site, during the sales meeting. This means the sales team is never without their remote help desk sales technicians, who can quickly attend the meeting over the Web, even while still located back at the company office.

Sales support is also available through SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), which allows a company to subscribe for a license and avoid the need to fully implement the application, but access those necessary support features through a web service.

The services vary significantly among online sales support offerings. But the important criteria to consider for those interested in online sales, are ease-of-use and to ensure you are familiar with using the service prior to the sales meeting – It would be a waste of time to set up a sales call or sales meeting to only not close the deal because you have trouble reaching your sales support team when they are needed the most.

If you have any interesting experiences about using support software to close a sales deal, feel free to share in a comment below.