Business phone systems company Cloud Net has launched its Virtual Number Service to ensure that important business calls are always picked up and answered by an appropriate person. The service diverts calls from a UK geographic number, selected by the end-user to a mobile or a landline of choice.

Cloud Net’s Virtual Number Service is aimed at people or businesses on the go, such as plumbers, electricians and engineers, who are not office-based and often advertise either a mobile or a landline number. The tradesperson’s customers can ring a lower rate landline but the call can be received on a mobile or on a landline depending on where the tradesperson is. Redirected calls are charged at Cloud Net’s standard charges.

A tradesperson can also set up multiple geographic numbers that all divert to one number, so that they can get enquiries from potential customers outside their immediate area.

The new service could also be ideal for new businesses that have not yet secured premises, but want to reserve a phone number, include it on stationery and receive calls. Reserved numbers do not even have to be in a particular area code, such as when a consumer campaign is targeted to an area other than yours. When the business is up and running, customers can move to Cloud Net’s Connect Service to for advanced switchboard features.

A virtual number is perfect if you work abroad the majority of the time. Having a UK number is fundamental as it allows customers to reach you at any time without having to pay overseas rates—a deterrent that’s likely to cost you revenue from lost business opportunities.

You can select as many numbers as you like for £2/number and they will all be diverted to a location of your choice. You can also change your number whenever you like and set up different locations for call diverting at different time intervals. For instance, within office hours calls can be routed to a mobile and after hours, to a landline.

Diverted calls are charged at Cloud Net’s standard charges; set-up costs are £10 (no fixed term contract) and customers can select a number of their choice and keep it for life. There is no minimum contract either. Customers can look through available numbers online, call and be ‘instantly’ activated.