In case you haven’t picked up on the theme before, here is a reminder here that reliability is a MAJOR ISSUE for cloud computing.

I recently called a VPS hosting service here in London – the lady salesperson was most pleasant and insisted that they had a 100% availability record. I found this very interesting and immediately started to question her on these claims.

She was most insistent…

…That was until I highlighted the fact that you could go to a web page on their home site and see their record of “system outages”. Ummmm…

Credit where credit is due – they seemed to do an honest job in detailing the issues they had had – host problems, DOS attacks, network failures, etc. But my point here is the perception in the industry that cloud is always on.

Is it?

Well, of course it should be as that is one of the key principles.

In my book, the complicated journey starts with the host (well, that’s after the power supply I guess) which needs to be able to withstand any faults and just carry on processing.