This week brings another piece of evidence charting the undeniable rise of cloud computing. This time, it is from an IT industry perspective. According to a survey of 1,300 IT professionals conducted by CWjobs, 40% of IT professionals believe that cloud computing will create more job opportunities in the sector.

Added to that, three-quarters of respondents said that cloud computing skills would make prospective job candidates more employable.

This comes to counteract the anti-cloud computing view that the technology will lead to job cuts in the sector. In one way, it is logical to assume that delivering services via the cloud will take fewer actual pairs of hands, but on the other hand, the rising demand means that many more technicians will be needed to meet the demand. It is becoming clearer that cloud computing will not be to the IT industry what automation was to the car industry; the technology isn’t that simple.

This is obvious from looking at the activities of the major players in the IT community. Capgemini, Steia, Fujitsu, Wipro and Infosys are all already creating cloud services, and they will need the right people on hand to make it happen.

Richard Nott, website director at CWjobs said: “It is encouraging to see that IT professionals recognise the career opportunities emerging from the rise of cloud computing.

“However, confusion evidently surrounds how candidates can best bolster their CVs for these opportunities.

“While it is not yet clear which specific skills will be useful for cloud computing, the majority of IT professionals do believe there will be a need to adapt to capitalise on the changing IT landscape, and that now is the time to do this.”