Collaboration and cloud computing are the wonder couple of the newest Internet technologies and concepts. Even though collaboration has been around since the square wheel was invented, people have continued to work separately.

Now with technology advancing by leaps and bounds, business professionals are finding that by making collaboration easy with cloud computing, they have complete access to all of their information from almost any device imaginable, including their cell phones.

All of your business devices are linked together to form one big virtual office that can be accessed at any time, from anywhere. The nature of cloud computing is simplicity personified. Not only can information be accessed at any time, tools that were purchased for specific purposes and are only used on an occasional basis can now be used on a pay as you go basis.

This unique aspect of the union between collaboration and cloud computing is setting the industry on its edge. No longer is it necessary to purchase large software programs that are used maybe once or twice and then allowed to sit idle, wasting time and money.

So, how does cloud computing promote collaboration? It’s easy—everyone working on a project can see all the same documents and use all of the same tools simultaneously. If Johnson needs to add a section to the intro, she can do it while Smith adds his graphs simultaneously. They can be working in the same room, or they can be working in different countries. When files automatically update, they can collaborate.

Chances are good that you’re already using the cloud in your personal or professional life. If your email is hosted on Gmail, it’s in the cloud. Other apps you may use that are cloud-based are online versions of software and Dropbox. The difference between using a handful of cloud-based apps and having your business work exclusively from the cloud is vast.

Fully moving to the cloud has benefits like increased portability for all of your files and can revolutionize the way collaboration works around the office. Cloud computing combined with collaboration enables a person to integrate every aspect of the business and professional life in one location or cloud.

Business professionals can also sync documents and apps across multiple devices. It’s allowing them to be just as effective in the airport waiting area as they are in the boardroom.

More recently, cloud hosting providers have been angling toward business markets, offering more and more functionality to their base programs. Rackspace just released Cloud Tools, which is very similar to Apple’s App Store or Google Play for Android. Third-party apps will be available (either for purchase or for free) that can integrate seamlessly with a business’ cloud interface.

Cloud computing and collaboration are changing the way we look at computers and digital information. The simplicity of the whole idea is easy for many of us to grasp. Others may not understand exactly how it works or what it means, but if it makes their life easier on all levels, they are more than ready to hitch their computerized star to a cloud and go along for the ride.