SoftwareConstruction Management Software: The Ultimate Tool For Streamlined Project Execution

Construction Management Software: The Ultimate Tool For Streamlined Project Execution

Residential construction projects often involve huge capital investments – and getting them wrong would mean an irreversible loss.

Residential services contractors face the pressure of increased project costs even due to small project delays.

While construction is a sensitive field service industry, it is possible to avoid financial and project risks by following modern construction project management practices.

A field service management software helps align on-ground project execution with project managers and leadership plans – read more to learn how.

What Is A Construction Management Software?

Construction management software is an extensive project management tool designed to handle the complexities of executing construction projects.

It helps residential services contractors or general contractors to gain visibility on inventory, on-ground work, stakeholders, financial reports, and much more.

What Is A Construction Management Software

10 Important Features A Construction Management Software Should Have

  • Digital scheduling and dispatching: software helps streamline and automate dispatching operations for project jobs.
  • Calculate labor costs: automate invoice creation and sending to manage worker compensations. Based on productive hours and local labor laws, it will determine true labor costs to dispense fair wages.
  • Project estimates: customize your estimate creation using pre-defined templates. Improve quotation timelines and follow up automatically to engage leads.
  • Manage contracts: digitally manage important documents like contracts, which include signing, storage, edits, and much more.
  • Custom workflows: with Zuper, a field service management software, it is possible to create custom workflows specific to construction management for residential services contractors.
  • Digital timesheets: enable field service teams to digitally update their timesheets, raise time off requests or track overtime for fair compensation.
  • Manage assets: construction management software helps manage and track your assets, construction materials, and equipment for efficient assignment.
  • Mobile application: Zuper provides Android and iOS apps to remotely monitor construction project sites and execute instructions.
  • Integrations: a good construction software will have the ability to integrate with existing apps your business uses to avoid complex data migration.
  • Project analytics: create daily or custom reports on project status to make quick decisions and avoid project derailment.

How Does Construction Management Software Improve Project Planning And Execution?

Here are 5 strategic ways in which construction management software enables general and residential services contractors:

Streamlined Communication

Since construction projects are remote, it can get difficult for field service teams to monitor execution.

Construction management software will help you provide a single point of communication via a mobile app. It makes it easy to share project status for the workers, while also conveying it in real-time via notification to the manager or office.

Project Monitoring Via Location Intelligence

Construction management software can track field service teams’ locations in real-time using GPS and geo-fencing technology.

Project Monitoring Via Location Intelligence

This helps calculate productive hours spent on the job site and helps project managers identify irregularities. It is also possible to optimize travel routes to save time and reduce fuel costs.

Access To Construction Documents

Field service teams at construction sites have to frequently access construction documents to execute work.

Construction management software with mobile app access helps make such important documents accessible. You can manage access too to ensure only authorized workers can view sensitive documents.

Manage Risks With Analytics

Analyze on-ground construction data and check alignment with the project plan. You can create reports and discuss the plan of action with management in case of deviations.

It also helps monitor equipment, track workforce productivity, and measure project KPIs. Based on past projects, you can determine risk factors and incorporate them into your new project plans.

Compliance Management

Residential services contractors have to obey local construction and labor laws to avoid any legal hindrance.

For example, you have to track productive time spent by the labor force on construction sites and compensate as per local wage criteria.

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To abide, you must document worker activity. Other documentations across the usage of equipment, materials used for construction, or other project specifications have to be adhered to.

Align Project Plan And Execution With Construction Management Software

Zuper is a field service management software that helps general and residential services contractors to streamline operations and reduce project execution risks.

Its scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, CRM, and geo-enabled features help provide 360 visibility to your project execution.

Book a demo today to understand how Zuper can become a single source of truth for your project plans and execution reality.


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