Here at Webfusion Towers we like to stay on top of what other internet users think and are saying, which means we read a lot of blogs, surf a lot of sites and invite our own customers to give feedback.

Everything, including the odd negative, is helpful but every now and then we come across a little gem that we think we should share with you. This time it is an online article with a particular point to make to webdesigners.

Canadian freelance web developer Louis Lazaris is a freelance web developer who has written a thought-provoking opinion piece in Smashing Magazine urging web-designers not to kill off the humble pop-up.

It doesn’t appear to be just because Louis is some weird kind of fan of the pop-up per se but, as he starts his article by explaining, “most people frequenting the web design community (whether they are casual readers or regular design bloggers doing research) understand that nothing is truly free”.

Louis has a point. In the current economic climate, across the globe, getting online advertising streams that make you money are becoming harder to find. Pop-up ads have been around almost as long as the consumer internet has, and if the design community sees fit to install ad-blockers and create a more sterile online world, we could just be shooting ourselves in the foot for the future.

If there are less chances to advertise, then of course, there will be less advertisers, less competition, so lower revenue for even those advertising spaces that do exist. By ending the life of the admittedly much irritating pop-up the web could also be shortening it’s own very existence as a financially viable option. So it is probably better the devil you know.

What are your thoughts about pop-ups? Do you agree with Louis?