Another domain name dispute settled this week by a High Court order confirms the importance of protecting your business and its internet presence by securing all relevant domain names.

South West London-based Estate Agency Eddison White had secured and enjoyed use of the domain name since it began trading in 2004 but an unscrupulous rival registered at the end of 2005 and began to put it to destructive use against Eddison White. Now nearly five years on, the High Court have finally ordered significant damages to Eddison White for ‘passing off’ and trademark infringement against the rival, and it now also has control of the .com domain.

Rival estate agent SW19 Estate Agents Ltd admitted to buying the .com domain name and diverting it to their own site, sites of rival agents and also hardcore pornography sites. In a released statement Richard Eddison, the joint owner of Eddison White, said: “I am relieved and happy this ordeal is over. It has been difficult for us and all of our customers and most important for those individuals who were subjected to some truly awful images”.

The court decision is a warning not only to any potential domain name cyber-squatters but also to any business that has not secured  all relevant domain names for their company. While the law is on their side, the potential damage to the business might never be known and the ordeal might take longer to legally rectify than the business or its owners can sustain.

Domain name registration has never been easier or more cost-effective than it is now so make sure you invest wisely in protecting your business name.