Creating, building and maintaining a brand has never been so challenging. If you think that all it takes is a flashy logo and decent name, you’re bound for a path of failure. In order to get noticed and actually stand the test of time you must be creative in your approach and do things that nobody else has done before. 

Consistency Is Crucial

Too many businesses make the mistake of thinking that consistency is boring, but in the long-run it’s consistency that will connect other images to your brand. Think about Cola Cola, not the brand itself, but what reminds you of the brand: the red and white script logo, Santa Claus, polar bears. It’s even common to hear people say, “It doesn’t feel like Christmas until the Coca Cola advert starts airing.” The only reason why they’ve managed to achieve such iconic status around the holiday season is because of their consistency.

Create An Original Website

Take note of the word ‘original.’ It’s okay to take inspiration from others, but don’t copy entire websites, especially those that are in related industries. Businesses will often replicate other websites because they are successful; however, in many circumstances the main reason why they were successful was due to their originality. Website design can be cheap and it’s much better to create your own from scratch than to use an existing template as you can take everything from image placement to typography into account.

Get An Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the most important social networks out there; however, it’s often outshined by Facebook and Twitter. Unlike the others, Instagram allows you to turn pictures into real works of art and replicate the style across the board, ensuring you’re constantly reinforcing your brand image. In addition, the more followers you have the greater exposure you’ll get on the “explore” section. If you haven’t got an account, you can buy Instagram followers to get the ball rolling.

Brand Your Customers

Branding your customers will make them feel like they’ve joined an exclusive club. Companies will often create a specific name for a select group of loyal fans, for example, alternative rock band 30 Seconds to Mars call members of their fan club ‘The Echelon’ and many people join simply to become part of their group. When building your brand reward your ‘members’ with a title.

Don’t Just Use Digital Technology

Traditional marketing methods have stuck around for one reason: they work. Many new businesses avoid traditional marketing methods and solely focus on digital alternatives; don’t make this mistake. For example, snail mail marketing can still be highly effective. Even though it’s more expensive and not as efficient as email, it generally yields better results on a per-message basis.

Never Send Spam

Spam is the bane of the Internet and everybody hates it; however, a solid email campaign can be an asset to your corporate branding. As a general rule-of-thumb, only send out email newsletters when you have something to say, and don’t send more than three to four per month. As stated above, consistency is crucial, but if you overdo it.

Give Away Promotional Merchandise

Stationary and other promotional merchandise can provide your business with a huge amount of repeat exposure at very little cost. According to Impressions Marketing, a pen will get passed through approximately 14 hands before it is discarded. That’s 14 different people that could potentially see your logo.