Are you in need of a shield against most of the cyber attacks to protect your business venture? To protect your Information Technology infrastructure from criminals and misusers, certify it with Cyber Essentials Certification and live with a peace of mind.

Cyber Essential is a government-backed scheme that helps your venture to be protected from cyber vulnerabilities and attacks. This scheme was introduced by the government to ensure that online businesses and data are secured from unethical usage, to avoid reputation and revenue loss.

It is crucial for IT professionals to keep up and ensure that every security need are maintained. A small breach in the cybersecurity can result in the complete loss or misuse of your company data.

Cyber hackers always look for exposed vulnerabilities in unprotected computer network and software to hack vital data, money, properties, etc. This information may be used against the venture for money or even the business’ accessibility to its data may be seized, thus restricting the normal operation of the venture.

There are certain pre-certification processes to be done:

Vulnerability scanning

If you are planning to do the certification by assessing the security yourself, then you should conduct a vulnerability scan and submit the report to the certification body for further reviewing and certification. Vulnerability scanning is done using certain tools to scan your IT network to identify any form breaches like incomplete software updates, open ports or any vulnerabilities in security software, etc.

Security assessment

To get a good view of the effectiveness of your security maintaining the IT infrastructure, it is important to assess its status before certification. Auditing them regularly will provide you with a valid evaluation and further improvement scopes for your security system. Whether you plan to seek the help of an external body for assessment or you, want to do it yourself, keeping updated auditing will help you to understand the state of your ventures security level.

Research properly

Self-assessment or not, it is important to do your own researches about what you plan to do before taking any steps. Study and research more about the Cyber Essentials Certification scheme, thoroughly, to get a serious idea about its components and requirements. Every certification body website will contain all types of informative documents that will help you to acquire more information about the strategies and scheme.

Answering the questionnaire

Once you have completed all the essential procedure, you are ready to answer the survey provided by the certification body. Once answered you are asked to submit the questionnaire to the body, and they will review your answers for further certification.

If you opt for an external body, they will conduct all the security check procedures themselves and will tell you how to maintain if any breaches are found. After this verification and maintenance, the certification will be done successfully.

Never forget to publicise you Cyber Essentials Certification badge once you are certified so that more customers can approach you with confidence.