A new survey conducted by Telehouse has shown that IT professionals base their choice of datacentre primarily on security and price issues.

The survey of 100 professionals found that 28% of respondents rated security as the top factor to look for in a datacentre, and 26% rated price as the most important aspect, with power rated highly by 16% of respondents.

This comes after the announcement that new UK legislation will make IT managers responsible for controlling the human risks to data security within their own organisations.

Most of the respondents said they were looking to expand their datacentre holdings, which puts ever more pressure on datacentre providers in the UK. A massive 83% said that access to to additional datacentre capacity before 2010 was critical or important to their business.

The shortgage of datacentres has been widely discussed. On N Plus One, Jason Schafer writes that the shortage is due to the credit crunch and the lack of resources available to build new datacentres, putting on the pressure to create more efficient datacentre solutions.