When I came across this page on my internet I thought to myself, ‘I must inform Marc immediately.” Did you know that using nothing but this fabulous piece of software (accessed through a browser, not sitting on your computer next to your Word and Power Point) you can focus on the things that matter – e.g. growing your business?

And who needs to grow their business more than you? With only 7,195 employees and $122m coming through your accounts department each month I don’t think you need me to tell you that you should start prioritising growth.

You’ve probably been scratching your head and wondering, “what is holding us back?” You might have considered bringing in expensive consultants like Accenture or McKinsey to help you figure it out. But, today’s your lucky day, as not only have I put my finger on the problem, but I am also feeling magnanimous, and I am going to share my newfound knowledge with you for free.

Your first problem is that your reps and execs are clearly distracted by tedious admin. Take for example Simon, who forgot to call me three times last week for a demo of your CRM solution for small businesses.

If Simon had had everything he needed at his fingertips, and if the information he cared about most was pushed to him in real time, then sales success would suddenly be not only possible, but easy! Yes, Easy! I implore you, please equip dear Simon with Sales Cloud – the world’s number 1 sales application. I believe it’s quite smashing and would be invaluable in helping him close more deals faster.

While , despite my repeated attempts, I am still not a customer of yours, I did study psychology and so consider myself well placed to empathise with your existing customers. I would therefore highly recommend that you look into a funky little tool I found on my internet called Service Cloud. You won’t believe what this piece of pure genius can do.

It will Delight – yes Delight – your customers with faster, more responsive service across every channel—from the contact center to customer social networks.

So if, just as an example, you were to receive a Tweet yesterday morning from an unhappy customer or would be customer (still just an example), at, say 11:45 GMT, letting you know that they had been trying to arrange a demo for a week, 22 hour later, you would probably have delighted that customer with a swift response that both served and engaged them.

Look, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know much about your company, and please correct me if I am wrong, but I would imagine that, like any growing online business, you probably get the odd lead dripping through your website. If for example, I were to be looking for services such as yours, and my mum wasn’t able to help, I just might take a peek on Bing, to see what recommendations they have.

If, by chance, I came across you guys I might want to make an enquiry through your web page. You would probably want to manage this ‘lead’, and if you got more than one (companies can get up to ten a day I’m told) you would do well to consider a tool that helps you do so. Luckily, I’ve found just the thing.

It’s called Salesforce CRM, and it ensures (I’m going to quote directly from the website as I don’t think I could have put it better myself) ‘Sales reps always have quick access to the hottest leads, and nothing falls through the cracks.’ If you had invested in this really cost effective solution, I would probably not have fallen through your crack.

So in conclusion, please don’t take this the wrong way: far be it from me to tell you how to run your business. However, I would highly recommend you take a leaf out of BT’s, Santander’s or Westminster Council’s book (all bastions of customer service excellence), as I think, like them, you can experience success with powerful, feature-rich CRM.

You’re welcome!