Every business uses computers these days, and the thought of losing information, records and secure data fills many with fear. Data tape backup offers peace of mind for anyone who needs to protect their information. For many years, data tape backup has been an effective way to securely store information. With an increasing number of headlines being generated by cyber security breaches, data tape backups are proven to still have their place in business.

Disadvantages Of Cloud Backup

Cloud storage solutions have become increasingly popular as they are very easy to use. However, the overall security being offered by these cloud providers is sometimes found to be lacking, as it is becoming easier for hackers and attackers to get into them.

These attackers are technologically advanced, with more equipment and knowledge at their disposal than ever before. This ability to access cloud based storage puts the safety of your data at serious risk. If your business requires ultimate data protection, then data tape backups can be a successful option.

Cyber Attacks

Many companies opt to store their data with big brand providers such as Amazon or Google in the belief that it offers greater levels of security. This would seem obvious given the levels of expertise and service that they are renowned for, but this is not necessarily the case.

The notoriety of these companies, and the vast numbers of people that they cater for, actually serves to make them bigger targets for hackers. If your data is stored with one of these companies when they are attacked then it is possible it will be accessed, stolen and usually sold on to the highest bidder. Not only is it likely to fall into the wrong hands, it is also possible that your own access to the data will be disrupted, which can cause massive problems for businesses, as reputations become damaged. The knock-on effects of this with your customers can be huge, and the repercussions can be felt for a long time afterwards.

Cloud providers very often take full responsibility for the protection of their data. This means that in the event of a cyber attack or any threats to the data they hold, businesses will not be able to take immediate action as they may not be aware of what is happening.

Data Tape Backup

As data tape backups are offline, the threats of cyber attacks are irrelevant. By choosing to store data tapes in secure offsite storage, they will be completely inaccessible to anyone with harmful intentions. Data tape backups are often used alongside other online storage options. This allows the data tapes to form a final backup of the data which could be used to restore data in the event that the online data was lost or damaged through a breach.

Whilst data tape backups cannot be used to retrieve data immediately, they are a much more secure way to store information. The fact that it takes longer to retrieve the data only serves to support the reliability of data tape backups and provides an extra obstacle for those trying to access the data dishonestly.