How much is too much? How much Facebook, how much Twitter? Facebook and Twitter have given to many people the voice they once never had.

But how much responsibility do you take while using these social media sites. Do you use Facebook and Twitter for the right reason?

Studies suggest that people with too much technology behave poorly. Sometimes a darker side of them emerges that they are unaware of or have no control over.

Don’t get me wrong Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have been used to great effect for social purposes. Things like organising marches against corrupt governments. Unveiling corrupt officials. Finding long lost loved ones. Just communicating with friends and family over vast distances.

These are all great uses, but then there is the dark side. Spreading of rumours, and perpetrating lies and deceit.

Remember the way you behave reflects on yourself and your family whether it be on Twitter, your cell, or in a drunken mess in a dark alley. You can’t take back what you said.

Please tweet responsibly and based only on confirmed facts. Not only to avoid rumours but also to avoid confusion.

My mother, and I’m sure your mother told you: “If you have nothing good to say, then say nothing”.

This applies to social media as well.

Here are a few tips for you to take to heart

  1.  Think before you write – Amazing that this does not only apply to twitter, but people just don’t think before they speak.
  2.  Lose the profanity – With only 140 characters I don’t want to spend my time reading profanity. If you can’t express yourself in good old English (any other language), then don’t express yourself.
  3.  Most of your followers are strangers – How well do you actually know your followers. Be careful of what you say and how you say it to strangers.
  4.  Learn to write – Yes I know twitter has only 140 Char. Use those well. Use good English (your language) try not to use too many abbreviations. On Facebook this is not much of a problem, but people still can’t write correctly.
  5.  Don’t Tweet about work – Don’t assume because Twitter or Facebook is new you can use it to rant about work. If you wouldn’t say it to your boss personally don’t Tweet it. Unless you want to get yourself fired.
  6.  Make your update relevant – Don’t just tweet or update your wall just for the sake of doing so. Be relevant in what you write about.
  7.  Don’t prostitute your product – Twitter or Facebook is not a big marketing house. It’s Social Media people. I’m so sick and tired of people hocking their stuff on twitter. You wouldn’t go to a party and talk about how great your product is all night. Would you?
  8.  Provide value – In my opinion this is probably the most critical. Is what you write about of good value. If not why in the world should I read it. There is too much dribble and rubbish on Twitter and Facebook.
  9.  Engage – Respond, ReTweet and Interact. Be sure to regularly acknowledge, highlight and thank those contributing members who continually add value to your stream.
  10.  Be responsible – Be respectful, be factual. Be responsible. This should be a no brainer, but what can I say.

So then what are your tweets like. How do you behave on Facebook? Have you seen anyone act irresponsibly on social media sites?