Contradicting reports of swelling British waistbands and increasing work-related stress, Britain’s business community is actually so bent on their wellbeing that they won’t leave home without a good book or their sports kit – even when they travel for work!

A new survey asked over 4,000 respondents which non-business items they habitually take on a business trip, and the top choices emerged as a good book, a swimming costume or sports kit and a photograph of the family.

Evidently concerned about the quality of their sleep – or perhaps the quality of their accommodation! – earplugs also featured as a must-have in business travellers’ luggage. It appears that many Brits are inseparable from digital entertainment, with computer games making number five in the ranking.

Perhaps indicating that the ‘human touch’ has not lost its importance even in today’s fast-paced business environment, a gift for hosts was the seventh most popular item. Insurance documents only made number four – clearly such mundane yet vital matters aren’t top of most people’s ‘to do’ list.

Some of the more unusual responses included staple foods (such as HP Sauce!), pets, a Teddy, a vase, cleaning materials and a live frog – presumably by accident!

The weird and wonderful things people were found to take on business trips, from fitness equipment to favorite foods and objects, often reveal how personal and professional lives struggle to co-exist in today’s high pressured work environment.

Evidently the line between business and pleasure is blurring with more people feeling they need to take a bit of home away with them. This may well be because people are working more and more where and when they want to, so they like to have something with them that adds the personal touch wherever they are.

Top 7 Non-business items on business trips

  1. A good book
    2. A swimming costume / sports kit
    3. A family photograph
    4. Insurance documents
    5. Computer games
    6. Earplugs
    7. A gift for hosts