The good folks at Dropbox are starting to roll out more features that will have its vast army of fans drooling, the latest being that you can now make any file or any folder in your Dropbox completely linkable. Announcing the feature on the Dropbox Forum the links are presented in a snazzy new web view that allows people to view or play your shared files straight from their browser. After you’ve made your link, you can then share it with others by pasting the link in an email or via Twitter and Facebook. Also, other users visiting your link can copy its contents straight to their Dropbox.

The forum posting also gives more information:

  • This will only work with Dropbox clients 0.8 or higher and the feature is currently in beta. You’ll have to restart your client to enable the feature. You can get it here
  • All your links are viewable from the ‘Linked Items’ tab on you Sharing page. You can even make shared folder links, which will be viewable from both tabs
  • The public folder will still work as it always has
  • The music player will keep autoplaying until it runs out of stuff to play. It’s pretty handy to set it and forget it 😉 (In the future: more controls for the media players)
  • Office files, pdfs, code files, etc. are all displayed using custom viewers (or scribd, when appropriate)
  • My current favorite sharing model trick: selective sync my entire music library, and still be able to play all my music via sharing model from my laptop