When you opened your email inbox this morning, did some emails immediately leap off the monitor and grab you? It could have been an email from your friend, a work colleague or your favourite online store. Few emails get your full attention and others get sent straight to the trash without a second thought.

A great subject line can be the difference in being read or being sent to trash. Most people don’t have the time or patience to go through each and every single email that comes their way so we have to make a priority.

So, with email marketing, how can we become part of this priority? When you open up you inbox you quickly scan the From line to see if you recognize the sender. If you don’t recognize the sender you read the Subject line to see if it interests you. This is why the subject line is very important with email marketing as most of the people won’t be familiar with you. You need to think about the initial two or three words as these are what will pull people in. You will need to think to yourself- Is this important? Does it need to be read now?

If the first few words of your subject line are very compelling then it will pull people in, they will then open and read the whole message. It’s also very useful to know that people use their mobile phones to check their emails on the move. Blackberries and iPhones can only show 18 characters of the subject line and so you need to keep that in mind.

You will always open emails from people you know first, but you need to know some simple tips that will entice individuals to open up your email as well. For a more compelling subject line, here are four useful tips:

  1. If you have several subjects running through your email, try to draw attention to the most important. This may be difficult though as you can’t always tell what’s most important to everyone, but try and decide which the majority of people would like to read.
  2. Using numbers in a subject line is a great way of grabbing attention. Everyone loves a short sharp list of things that can help or solve things. You can use it to tell people how many spaces are left on your training course or simply things to do today.
  3. Making the reader feel like there is an urgency to your email. Include terms such as; “One Day Only” or “RSVP” and also use words like; “few” and “limited.”
  4. You could try and relate your subject line with current events, whether are they local, nationwide or worldwide. For example, instead of “Email Marketing Training” try something like “Help Spread Santa’s Emails with Email Marketing Training.”

If you can’t find a reason as to why your emails are important right now, you need to find a way to make them matter. Everyone leads busy lifestyles and no one has time to answer hundreds of emails, but if you can discover a way to make your subject lines more relevant to your customers lives, then there is a higher chance they will open them.

Things to also think about are Spam Filter Triggers and which subject lines to avoid. Do not use the following words in your subject line otherwise it’s going straight to the junk folder-

  • Advertisement
  • ££££
  • Sale
  • Free

You should also avoid using excessive punctuation and ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.