The latest study of European consumers suggests 31% of UK consumers would respond to adverts via their mobile phones if given a suitable prompt in tv ads, print ads or online, exposing an as yet- relatively untapped marketing strategy.

The research presented by the Mobile Marketing Association and Lightspeed Research found many viewers would be likely to respond to advertising if it allowed them or invited them to do so via their mobile device. Texting a keyword to a shortcode was given as the preferred method for responding to adverts in each country, but with innovative alternatives rarely more than a few months away, it may signal a push towards more mobile interaction.

With more and more people relying on their mobile device to help run their daily lives – from diaries to phone calls and internet surfing – many see their mobile as an essential accessory on par with how people in the past viewed a wristwatch.

The limited success of adverts to mobiles has previously suggested the mobile was seen as their own personal space by many consumers, making them more opposed to advertisers entering that or bothering them within it. However, these latest findings suggest giving the consumer the choice could lead to much more successful use of mobile technology within advertising campaigns.

Are you one of those who would respond to adverts via mobile?