Patrick Harper from OpenText discusses how the traditional role of the CIO is to provide operational stability and information security on the transactional systems that a company needs to run its business. But crucially, this is changing in a big way.

As we advance towards 2020, Harper discusses how the successful CIO is one who works with the chief marketing executive, the customer support executive and development partners, and uses social media technology and digital disruptions and embraces them in the workplace. This will turn that workplace into a collaborative environment that embraces the new generation of employees, and uses those technologies to add value to the market place to differentiate them from the competition.

Patrick goes on to discuss how it’s not about the size, global reach or amount of capital an organisation has that will determine its success of failure; it’s going to be about the extent to which they embrace the kind of technologies we use every day that’s coming into the workforce and how they use that to be competitive in a differentiating way. Businesses will look to create a community rather than a hierarchal business function.