PEER 1 Hosting has launched the industry’s first large-scale, hosted graphics processing unit (GPU) Cloud in the UK and Europe.

The system runs the RealityServer 3D Web application service platform, developed by mental images, a wholly owned subsidiary of NVIDIA. The RealityServer platform is a powerful combination of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs and 3D Web services software. It delivers interactive and photorealistic applications over the web using the iray renderer, which enables animators, product designers, architects and consumers to easily visualise 3D scenes with remarkable realism.

With the use of massively parallel NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, PEER 1 Hosting said it can now offer customers flexible and reliable access to a system capable of delivering high computational performance across demanding applications. These include graphics rendering, complex quantitative processing, video compression, and large-model 3D Web services for access by mobile clients.

Hosting the GPUs and software within the cloud promises to simplify customer implementation and provide an inexpensive entry point for new users. It also minimises internal IT pressures so businesses can focus their talent on core business operations, said PEER 1.

“With their commitment to best-in-breed technology and state-of-the-art data centers, PEER 1 Hosting has all the skills to deliver a service of this kind and make the power of the GPU more accessible than ever before,” said Sumit Gupta, product line manager of Tesla products at NVIDIA. “RealityServer running on PEER 1 Hosting’s GPU Cloud will enable software developers of other Web 2.0 websites to offer 3D web applications, making the consumer experience on the Internet even more interactive.”

“We’re excited to support and deliver high performance hosted GPUs from NVIDIA to our customers in Europe,” says Amanda Dunn, Cloud GPU Manager EMEA, PEER 1 Hosting. “The combination of the high performing GPUs running on our robust SuperNetwork™, with the on demand flexibility of the cloud, is truly an industry first. This is ideal for architects, animators, product designers or anyone wanting to distribute large amounts of data and graphics without spending much effort or money.”

NVIDIA’s Tesla S1070 and Tesla M2050 (Fermi architecture-based) hosted GPUs, as well as RealityServer, are now available for purchase worldwide. They are being hosted as a managed hosting offering at PEER 1 Hosting’s data centers in Toronto, Canada and London, UK.

PEER 1 Hosting is selling capacity on its GPU Cloud on a monthly basis, with an S1070 sold in blocks of four GPUs for $2,000, or $500 (per GPU). The smaller Super Micro x64 server with two GPUs costs $1,000 (per GPU).