During Cloud Expo, at the beginning of the month, it was revealed that Europe is at least a year behind the US in cloud uptake. Whilst, together, the US and Europe produce 90 per cent of the revenue from the cloud globally – Europe has only 27 per cent of that stake.

Analyst, William Fellows from The 451 Group explained. “When you examine revenues and adoptions in Europe, it looks how the US did 12 months ago.”

Suppliers, and the market, in the US have had more support than their European counterparts. The US General Services Administration has provided a support system that has enabled companies to forge ahead.

However, the World Economic Forum last month marked a change in Europe – Neelie Kroes, the Digital Agenda Commissioner outlined plans for effective data protection, and how to make sure the cloud and Europe’s single market could work alongside each other. Legal framework will be rethought and there will be pilots, and technical and commercial research.

Fellows explains how the growth in Europe will be pushed by the enterprises as they are now beginning to realise that working in the cloud has benefits that far outreach simple cost efficiencies.

“The customers I go back and speak to again and again are telling me that actually flexibility and agility are the main benefits for them. The speed at which you can get to the market with this scalability is becoming more important.”

The cloud is beginning to lift and all is becoming clear.