BusinessExploring The Causes And Solutions To The Energy Crisis In The UK

Exploring The Causes And Solutions To The Energy Crisis In The UK

The energy crisis in the United Kingdom has left people receiving high energy bills with the rising energy prices that companies have been charging its customers. 

Ofgem, the government regulator of energy within the UK, has set out clear policies to help consumers spend less money on their energy bills. 

But why are the energy prices rising? In this article we will go in-depth to understand the 

more reasons for rising energy prices and the solutions that the UK government has in place to help curb the rising prices. 

Why The UK Has An Energy Crisis 

Most of the homes within the UK are dependent on gas to heat their homes. According to statistics, 87% of homes to be exact. 

This means that homes and businesses are using gas and electricity to heat their homes and now facing the price hike which many believe is as a result of the Russia-Ukraine War. 

However, there are many other reasons why energy prices can be rocketing, some people believe it to be as a result of having fewer natural fossil fuels to convert into energy while other people are under the impression that the import and export links are experiencing a major setback. 

Why Is Green Energy Better?

Making the switch to renewable energy is something that is in the works for solving the UK’s energy crisis. The UK has started working on ways to have the country reduce all their carbon emissions by the year 2050.  

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They are calling it the net zero by 2050. 

To achieve this goal, they need to switch from fossil fuels which are causing all of the pollution and focus more on using cleaner energy resources that are both good for the environment as well as for consumers. 

Different Types Of Green Energy 

There are different types of renewable energy that the government can use to supply other than continue the use of fossil fuel. 

Solar Power 

This form of energy supply will be the most abundant energy resource and it can even be used when the weather is overcast and cloudy. 

Using solar power will be able to provide natural lighting, heating, cooling, and electrical energy. 

Technology will be able to convert the solar energy into electrical energy by using a photovoltaic panel. 

Wind Energy 

Using kinetic energy can also produce electricity. 

Geothermal Energy 

To produce electricity, geothermal energy is extracted from the Earth’s interior and geothermal reservoirs. 


Hydropower uses the energy of moving water to produce electricity, these reservoirs can also be used for drinking water, as well as flood and drought control.

Since this is the largest source of renewable energy, it relies on a stable rainfall pattern so this means it can be affected by weather issues such as droughts and ecosystem changes. 

Ocean Energy 

Using the kinetic energy of sea water to produce electricity. 


Bioenergy uses organic materials to create electricity and heat energy. These materials include wood and charcoal. 

Although burning these organic materials such as crops and trees can give off carbon emissions, the percentage is far less than when using fossil fuels. 

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Solutions To Fix The Energy Crisis 

Since fossil fuels have become an unreliable source for energy needs, here are some of the solutions that are presented to have a reliable energy source and also help save on energy costs. 

Ofgem has put a price cap on the energy price which means that wholesalers and retailers cannot exceed a certain price range when it comes to selling their units of energy. This price cap is in place until April 2024. 

The government would need to: 

  • Get everyone to insulate their homes so that they are not dependent on gas or electricity to heat up their homes during winter. 
  • Make the switch to renewable energy resources so that everyone is able to afford energy. 
  • Put a windfall tax on oil and gas companies to help cover the costs and provide financial support for those households that are in need of it. 
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Other solutions to ending the energy crisis are as follows: 

The UK needs to start building their own onshore and offshore wind, solar and nuclear power stations. 


To solve the energy crisis, the UK government would have to establish the infrastructure needed to provide the country with a new source of energy supply and get rid of the old method which is using up all natural resources as well as becoming harmful to the environment. 

Businesses and household consumers need to also make the switch away from old energy suppliers to help make the transition to renewable energy quicker and also help save on the costs of their energy bill. 

By investing in their own wind, solar and nuclear farms, the UK can easily solve the energy problems that are experiencing and even create more jobs while setting up the infrastructure. 


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