Forget the viral hype of the facebook dislike button scam, whilst the facebook scam directed you though a survey that made them money before redirecting you to the official FaceMod Dislike Button page, the facemod page is not in any way connected to the scam and the dislike button is real and not scary to download! It won’t eat your computer. It’s real, it’s alive and you can download it now!!! Hooray.

Having said that DO NOT click on the download in facebook itself – go straight to the link below – I promise – it’s safe.

If I had a pound for every time i heard “I wish there was a facebook dislike button” I’d be able to retire. But wait a minute – It exists it really does!! A legitimate Facebook Dislike Button in the form of an add-on for Firefox, and soon an Internet Explorer version will be available as well.

The Official Facebook Dislike Button developed by FaceMod adds a Dislike button option right alongside the Like button in Facebook.

  • You can use it to show your support when your miserable friends are complaining
  • Or you can use it to loose friends by disliking everything they say

Unfortunately only other Dislike Button users will be able to see your “dislikes.” so it should pick up speed when the IE version is available and apparently support for other browsers, like Chrome and Safari, is also coming soon.

There is a facebook page dedicated to the Facebook Dislike Button they are going for 3,000,000 fans! Why not download it on mass, encourage your firefox friends to do the same and give it a go.