Entering week two of the new year, many will no doubt be looking greater use of Social Media in their marketing in the months ahead, so I thought this posting on The Wall was quite incisive.

If you thought Twitter was only for young, spiky-haired 20 somethings then think again.The infographic provided by Digital Surgeons suggests that it is Facebook’s crowd that is younger, poorer and less educated than Twitter, despite having a user base 500 times the size of Twitter.

Although based on US Demographics you can expect the results would be fairly similar if conducted amongst a UK crowd.

If that is the case the fact that 52% if Twitter users update their status every day compared to the 12% of Facebook users suggests that stronger loyalty is more likely to be found with a Tweet than a like or fanpage. Whilst the figures revealed only 25% of Twitter users follow a brand, compared to 40% on Facebook, the active users are on Twitter and therefore more likely to be responsive to new ideas, campaigns and interacting with your brand.

Will 2011 be the year when everything goes Twittertastic? Can every business lend itself to the informality of Twitter?