Businesses woke up this morning to find their Facebook page has had an upgrade that makes it look and work more like a personal user profile.

According to Facebook’s ‘Facebook Pages’, the new features are designed to help manage communication and increase engagement.

Unlike the Facebook user profile, a page is not for the average ‘man on the street’. Instead it’s a platform for organisations, public figures, businesses and brands. However the revamped pages will have a lot of the same features that are included in the redesigned profiles that launched early this year.

One significant difference is the ability to ‘use as page’ to post and comment as that page. For example, on the ‘Isle of Man Twestival‘ page I clicked on ‘use as’ and left a comment on my own Facebook page under the IoM Twestival identity. Additionally pages now are able to ‘like’ one another.

Tabs that had been located above the wall are now replaced with a navigation panel in the left margin of the page. The bespoke tabs I’d installed on my page months ago were automatically transferred to the new location too. The ‘info tab’ has been eliminated and a new information section has been added under the page’s title at the top. This is where new photographs are also highlighted in keeping with the format of the new personal profiles.

Page admins can tour new pages as of today. Making the switch is optional until the first of March, when all pages will automatically change to the redesign.

My take? The new ‘use as page’ function should prove to be most useful. This way your brand can interact with people and organisations within your community increasing awareness and, hopefully, engagement.